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Pooled Employer Plans

A Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) empowers multiple organizations to unite under a single plan, streamlining the process of providing and managing a retirement plan. This eliminates the need for employers to individually sponsor their own 401(k)s, freeing them from the associated risks and workload.

  • A PEP is considered a single plan under IRC Tax Code and ERISA

  • Elimination of Form 5500 and related costs/ PEP is single signer 

  • Elimination of ERISA Bond, Fiduciary Liability Insurance and related costs

  • Elimination of plan document restatement fees

  • Elimination of individual plan audit

RISK MITIGATION / Full Fiduciary Outsourcing

  •       402(a) Plan Administrator/ Pooled Plan Provider assumes this role

  •       403(a) Trust & Custody

  •       3(38) Investment Manager/ Registered Investment Advisor 

  •       3(16) Full Day to Day Administration and Regulatory Responsibility


  • Institutional Investment Lineup / Low cost & High Quality

  • Employer Retains Independence for Plan Design

Added Services


Typical Cost Comparison*: PEP vs. standalone plan

*Estimated average annual cost as a % of plan assets.

60% Lower

Through economies of scale a PEP offers superior services with lower overall cost

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