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The Unity 401(k) is a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) designed and managed by NS Capital.

A PEP empowers multiple organizations to unite under a single plan, streamlining the process of providing and managing a retirement plan. This eliminates the need for employers to individually sponsor their own 401(k)s, freeing them from the associated risks and workload.

  • A PEP is considered a single plan under IRC Tax Code and ERISA

  • Elimination of Form 5500 and related costs/ PEP is single signer 

  • Elimination of ERISA Bond, Fiduciary Liability Insurance and related costs

  • Elimination of plan document restatement fees

  • Elimination of individual plan audit

RISK MITIGATION / Full Fiduciary Outsourcing

  •       402(a) Plan Administrator/ Pooled Plan Provider assumes this role

  •       403(a) Trust & Custody

  •       3(38) Investment Manager/ Registered Investment Advisor 

  •       3(16) Full Day to Day Administration and Regulatory Responsibility


  • Institutional Investment Lineup / Low cost & High Quality

  • Employer Retains Independence for Plan Design

Added Services


Standalone 401(k)

Unity401k leverages economies of scale to deliver lower costs and superior services to employers and their employees


Typical Cost Comparison*:

Unity401k pooled employer plan vs. traditional standalone plan

*Estimated average annual cost as a % of plan assets.

60% Lower


The Unity 401(k) transfers the majority of plan responsibilities to third party fiduciaries and removes the associated liabilities and workloads from the Employer.

Employers w/ a standalone 401(k) have more responsibilities than employers in a PEP

401k Benchmark

Get Started - Benchmark your plan

Our 401(k) Benchmark provides a comprehensive analysis of your current 401(k) plan, helping you stay on top of your fiduciary duty. We are proud to offer this service at no cost and with no obligation. Simply complete the form to get started.
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