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A Pooled Employer Plan designed by

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Stronger Together
Unity 401(k) Plan leverages economies of scale to offer superior service at lower cost. 

  • Pricing from the scale of a large plan often saving up to 50%

  • Each new participant adds to the pricing power we leverage for you 

  • Low cost Investment line up 

  • Flat fees for Recordkeeping/Administration, and Advisor Service fees offered at scale

  • No conflicts of interest 

Safer Together
Unity 401(k) Plan offers a Fiduciary Umbrella where the Advisor and Pooled Plan Provider accept the majority of Fiduciary responsibility to protect employers.
  • ERISA 402(a) Fiduciary – transfers liability from Employer to the Pooled Plan Provider 

  • ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary Advisor – removes Employer liability for investment selection and monitoring; creates and maintain Investment Policy Statement 

  • ERISA 3(16) Fiduciary Administrator – removes Employer liability for plan administration  

  • Eliminates Annual Form 5500 filings at individual plan level – no Employer signature required 

  • Eliminates both Trustee Responsibility and Fidelity Bond requirement for Employers

  • Employers only major responsibility is sending plan contributions in a timely manner and periodically monitoring the outside fiduciaries’ level of service and fees.  

Smarter Together
Unity 401(k) Plan makes your life easier by transferring the majority of your plan responsibilities to Providers, and removes the associated costs.
  • Employee education meetings segregated by various phases in each participant’s life 

  • Consistent benchmarking on the important aspects of the plan 

  • Audits no longer required at individual plan level 

  • Eliminates review and approval of all Plan withdrawals/QDROs by Employer

  • Eliminates participant disclosure distribution by Employer

  • Substantial Employer time freed up for other company needs 

About PEP
A Fiduciary Advisor should be independent and transparent, and offer competitive pricing. With these principles in mind, we've created the Unity 401(k) Plan.
The Unity 401(k) Plan is a Pooled Employer Plan as defined in the SECURE Act and will be available in 2021.
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